Deep Cleaning Hoxton

Do not wait until the mess has become too unbearable to conduct a deep clean of your property. Some people prefer to clean their homes with each change of the seasons; hurrying up to air the house out, change air filters and cleans behind furniture and appliances, and more.

Deep Cleaning Services

One Bedroom Property
Two Bedroom Property
Three Bedroom Property
Regular Cleaning
£20 /h
One Off Cleaning
£21 /h

Others have just renovated or decorated their houses and want to get rid of the dust and building materials left all over the place. No matter when you decide to, having a deep cleaning specialist by your side will help you regain the most pristine-like possible appearance of your property. Let House Cleaner London do the dirty job and enjoy a fresh and healthy, welcoming house environment.

House Cleaner London specializes in detailed deep cleaning of houses and flats. Our Deep House Cleaning service includes everything in a routine service and more.

You will appreciate the time you have saved and the results you got. Do not worry but leave everything to us. We will bring all the necessary equipment, tools and professional detergents. You will be simply amazed how efficiently we can clean your home from top to bottom.

Add carpet cleaning and receive a 10% off the final price

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Deep cleaning service and cleaners in Hoxton, N1 – London

Each property requires a yearly or seasonal thorough cleaning to maintain its nice, clean, and healthy condition. Houses collect dust and dirt that may be damaging to you and your loved ones if they are not appropriately cleaned for more than a year. It is advisable to do this every 6 months to keep all accumulation and dangerous filth at bay and to maintain your house in the perfect state you deserve to live in. Select our company and receive a high-quality professional deep cleaning service that will save you time and effort.

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How to book your deep cleaning near Hoxton?

  1. When scheduling our deep cleaning service, all you have to do is provide our office agents with some basic information about your house and any particular requests you may have. They will assist you with your booking and you will be able to complete this through the phone.
  2. When booking a deep cleaning service with us, feel free to customise the entire project. We aim to satisfy all our customers and we allow each one of them to personally choose every detail. All tasks included in the service will be chosen by you.
  3. The price of our deep cleaning service will be customised and estimated for your particular project. You will only be charged for the chores that will take place in your property. Our office agents will take into consideration any extra chores you wish to include and add them to your bill. You will be provided with a free price estimate over the phone.
  4. All of the products utilised during our deep cleaning services are of the highest quality. We only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are exceptionally effective in removing dust, filth, mildew, oil, and other deposits from a variety of surfaces.

Living in another London area? We got you covered:

We worked hard and are proud to say that our company has grown over the years and now serves all of London. A team of specialists will be dispatched to you in any location. To receive more information on the availability of our cleaning teams, give us a call.

Questions you might have about the cleaning service:

Is oven cleaning included in the deep cleaning service?

Yes, during the deep cleaning service you receive from us, your entire oven will be cleaned on the inside and outside, including your stove top and extractor.

Will you clean my windows as part of the service?

While the cleaning experts will clean and polish your windows on the inside (including window sills and frames), the external window cleaning is not included in the deep cleaning service we offer. You can, however, add it to your task list - we offer it as a separate cleaning service.

Will the cleaners clean my walls?

Yes, all walls of the property will be dusted and wiped down. What is more, the cleaners will wash and treat your walls with suitable cleaning solutions (stain and discoloration removal). Keep in mind that this step does not include painted walls or walls with wallpapers.

How long will the deep cleaning service take?

Each deep cleaning service is different. The duration of the job depends on many factors such as the size and condition of the property, the number and type of cleaning tasks the customer decided to include as part of it, as well as the amount of items and personal belongings that can be found in the house. You can request such information when booking the service (you will need to provide the booking agents with pictures) or simply wait until the cleaning team arrives on site - they will inspect the property and give you a time estimate.

Do I need to be present during the service?

Not unless you would like to supervise. All cleaning technicians that will be performing the service at your place are experienced professionals that will, of course, make sure everything is immaculate by the end of the service. You can trust us with your property. However, we always require a final inspection by the customer at the end of the service. That way you may check if everything is done according to your requirements.

Do you send female or male cleaners?

We usually send mixed teams. All employed performing the deep cleaning service are experienced and skilled. They deliver such services on a daily basis and know exactly how to approach any issue. The cleaning team sent to your place will be a team that is available at your location, at the date and time you selected.

Can you completely remove the limescale?

While we work with the best quality professional cleaning solutions and tools, the final results depend on the condition of the limescale. We will do our absolute best to get rid of all limescale found in your bathroom or kitchen.

Do you move furniture around?

Most likely, yes. We aim to reach all areas of the property during the deep cleaning service so moving furniture is very likely. However, we will return everything back to its original position.

Do you clean ceilings?

We will dust corners and remove cobwebs, however, the thorough cleaning of a ceiling is a different cleaning service. Feel free to combine ceiling cleaning with the deep cleaning service you scheduled to receive the best possible results.

Is the price I receive as a quote the final price?

Yes, all price quotes we provide over the phone are final - keep in mind that pictures or a visitation on site will be required. Share your personal requests, as well as any additional tasks you would like to book with our customer service representative. They will include those to your bill and provide you with a price estimate that is calculated by the size and condition of the property, as well as the number and type of tasks that will take place there.

What our customers say:

If it was not for your amazing end of tenancy cleaning service, I would have forfeited my security deposit. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful cleaning session. I would not hesitate to book your service again.

Bailey Booth

I needed help with the move-out cleaning so I booked your end of tenancy cleaning service. Thanks to the hard work of your cleaners, I left on good terms with my landlord. He loved the outcome and let me keep the deposit.

Samuel Bishop

Now I know that no matter how dirty and messy my home is, the professional cleaners of your company are here to save the day. Thanks to their great job every time, I have been a customer for so many years.

Mollie Kerr

I could never replace your end of tenancy cleaning service for another one. No one else can deep clean a property to such a high standard without me having to pay though my nose. I strongly recommend this company and their services.

Mollie Connolly

I was looking for a professional cleaning service and a friend of mine recommended me this one. The housekeeper came exactly on time and did a wonderful job. It was thanks to him I was able to leave on good terms with my landlord.

Spencer Sheppard

The cleaning services of this company are second to none. My home looks amazing now and it is all thanks to the hard work of those cleaners. I do not think I can recommend this company enough.

Libby Spencer

I was recommended this company’s cleaning services and I did not hesitate to set up an appointment. The cleaners were so kind and knew what I needed to be done. The service is very fairly priced which is another reason I loved it that much.

Aidan Newman

I have been a customer of this company for over a year now and their housekeepers have never let me down. They are always so kind and hard-working. My home is in safe hands! I strongly recommend these cleaning services .

Harrison Carroll