Terms and Conditions

Below you can read the terms and conditions regarding the services provided by HouseCleanerLondon.co.uk


To calculate the price a client has to pay, we usually use an average room size. If the customer changes his/her original requirements or after we inspect his/her property, we have the right to make changes to the initial quotation.

Guaranteed Services

Among the services we offer, our end of tenancy cleaning is the only one that has a guarantee. It is 48 hours. If you have any complaints about the way our technicians cleaned your property, you have the right to ask for a free re-clean of the areas we missed to clean within this time period.


Payment is made after the work is done unless we agreed otherwise (clients need to let us know if they want to pay at a different time). The customer is obliged to pay by cash before our team leaves the building.

If the payment is not made by cash but by another payment method such as a bank transfer or card payment, it has to be made before the day of the service to be conducted. If we do not receive the bank transfer or card details in advance, we have the right to cancel the cleaning.


We shall not incur any fees if you decide to cancel the service, provided that you let us know in advance (a day before the session) about the changes.

If the premises are not safe for our maids, we have the right to refuse to clean.

Should anything unexpected or an accident happens that deters our team from providing the cleaning session, we have he right to either reschedule or cancel the said session.


Once the work is completed, we shall consider no refund claims.

Unless you send a written complaint to our company within 24 hours after the service has been conducted, we shall consider the service to have been completed to your satisfaction. If you decide to send us a written notice, it should include every detail. We will read it very carefully and investigate the matter, after which we will try to find a solution that is to a reasonable standard or to your satisfaction.

Before you order services from a third party to be carried out in your property, you must allow our teams to inspect the disputed work and re-clean the premises.

It should be pointed out that accidents may occur. We try hard not to cause damage or break items, but if we do, we will try to provide an identical replacement of the broken item. However, we do not guarantee that we will manage to accomplish that. For this reason, we ask that your put away all irreplaceable items of sentimental or monetary value before the service is carried out or to ask our maids not to clean them.

If any problem occurs, we require access to the building within 24 hours. If, for example, you placed furniture on your carpet before it has fully dried, our company should not be liable for the damage that may be caused as a result of this.

If your carpet shrinks as a result of bad fitting, we shall not be held responsible for this either.

If we cannot remove or clean any old stains, spillages or burns that already exist in your property, we shall not be responsible for this.

We always do our best to clean appliances. But we shall not be held responsible for not being able to remove dirt with chemicals if you haven’t cleaned them since the purchase.

If you want us to clean your freezer, you must defrost it thoroughly before the day of service. Otherwise it will deter us from cleaning it entirely.

Note that we do not offer waste collection in addition to our Professional or Basic Gardening services.

As long as our End of Tenancy Cleaning service is concerned, we cannot guarantee that the service will be carried out if there are people or furniture in the premises on the scheduled day.


In order for the service to be carried out, you should provide running water and electricity. If you are not able to provide these, you shall be charged a non-refundable fee of £60.

Furthermore, you should provide access to your property on the day of the service to be conducted. If you have entrusted our maids with keys beforehand, they should be able to open all doors easily. If you fail, again you shall be charged a non-refundable fee of £60.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Services

As long as regular domestic cleaning is concerned, clients can pay after each visit of our maids, by cash, immediately after the session is completed.

This service does not require any special cleaning supplies, for which reason we require our clients to provide all the detergents, materials and equipment by themselves.

Once we set the days for the regular cleaning sessions, all the appointments should be made for the exactly same time every week.

Since it is a regular service, we are afraid we cannot reschedule it. This means that we cannot send a maid to your property at a different day or time than the previously scheduled regular domestic cleaning session.

If you need to cancel the appointment, you must let us know at least a day before the service. You shall be charged a cancellation fee should you fail to inform us about the changes. The fee is equal to the full cost of the service.

If it is a weekly service, it has a duration of 2 minimum hours; if it is a fortnightly service, its duration is at least 3 hours.

You, as the property’s owner, shall provide access to the premises on the day of the service.

We ask some of our customers to give us a spare key of the property.

Minimum charges apply for some services. See them below:

48 GBP is the minimum charge of Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning
50 GBP is the minimum charge of Gardening per session.
36 GBP (or 3 hours) is the minimum charge of One Off Cleaning

Discounts are made only for orders above the minimum price. Hourly based services are not included in discounts and promotions.

Should unpredictable circumstances occur that are beyond our control and appear to be an obstacle for our team to clean your premises, we shall not be held responsible for cancelling the service or making any rearrangements.

Once the work is completed, we shall consider no compensation or refund claims.

If the payment is not made by cash but by another payment method such as a bank transfer or card payment, it has to be made before the day of the service to be conducted. If we do not receive the bank transfer or card details in advance, we have the right to cancel the cleaning.

Bailey Booth

If it was not for your amazing end of tenancy cleaning service, I would have forfeited my security deposit. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful cleaning session. I would not hesitate to book your service again.

Samuel Bishop

I needed help with the move-out cleaning so I booked your end of tenancy cleaning service. Thanks to the hard work of your cleaners, I left on good terms with my landlord. He loved the outcome and let me keep the deposit.

Mollie Kerr

Now I know that no matter how dirty and messy my home is, the professional cleaners of your company are here to save the day. Thanks to their great job every time, I have been a customer for so many years.

Mollie Connolly

I could never replace your end of tenancy cleaning service for another one. No one else can deep clean a property to such a high standard without me having to pay though my nose. I strongly recommend this company and their services.

Spencer Sheppard

I was looking for a professional cleaning service and a friend of mine recommended me this one. The housekeeper came exactly on time and did a wonderful job. It was thanks to him I was able to leave on good terms with my landlord.

Libby Spencer

The cleaning services of this company are second to none. My home looks amazing now and it is all thanks to the hard work of those cleaners. I do not think I can recommend this company enough.

Aidan Newman

I was recommended this company’s cleaning services and I did not hesitate to set up an appointment. The cleaners were so kind and knew what I needed to be done. The service is very fairly priced which is another reason I loved it that much.

Harrison Carroll

I have been a customer of this company for over a year now and their housekeepers have never let me down. They are always so kind and hard-working. My home is in safe hands! I strongly recommend these cleaning services .