Great tips on how to organise your space

You certainly love living in a neat, tidy, and organised home. Sometimes, cleaning is not enough, and more needs to be done in order to get your house to that desired condition. If you have a lot of items and most of your surfaces are cluttered with stuff, cleaning will be hard, maybe even impossible. To complete the task properly, you will need to remove everything and give the whole space a thorough cleaning. Once you remove personal belongings from a room, why not spend an extra hour going through them and organising them?

Once you sort all the items in the room and put them in designated places, not only will you make the whole place look nicer and neater, but also make cleaning easier, quicker, and more efficient. Organising things, however, may not be the easiest task and this is exactly why we decided to make this guide and help you complete the task faster. Keep reading to see the useful tips we have and use them whenever you decide to make your whole place nicer.

Only keep what brings you joy
If you are watching a film but you don’t enjoy it, will you keep watching it? Probably not. The same goes for all the things you have at home. Among the many items on your shelf, there must be some old gifts or other items that you no longer want or need. Do they bring you joy? Ask yourself that and get rid of everything that does not. Keep your favourite items or the ones holding dear memories only.

Work in categories and not in rooms
Since decluttering and organising are both big jobs, you will need a good plan to start with. To organise the house room by room seems logical and efficient but it is actually better to tackle categories. This method will make you more thorough in organising everything. For example, if you start by sorting out your towels, you can grab your kitchen and bathroom towels, pile them up, and check which ones need to be replaced.

Do not allow dear memories to cloud your judgement

Surely, there are items that remind you of good times in the past, such as one of the first drawings of your child, or a ticket to your favourite film. However, we all need to let go at some point because they are, after all, taking up space in your house. If you really want to keep them, make up a special place. For example, keep any cards or pictures you love in a beautiful scrapbook that can stay on your shelf.

Make sure you respect your belongings
If your clothes are in a messy pile somewhere in your room, or your nice shoes are scattered around on your floor, you should think about organising them to keep them neat and nice. Get more hangers if you need any and neatly hang your clothes on them. Regardless of how much your clothes cost, they do not deserve to be scattered on the floor, dirty, and wrinkled.

Get to folding
Clothes are happier folded. If you have a lot of items in your closet and struggle to find space for all of them, we suggest you try folding them. If you tightly fold your scarves and pants and store them vertically, you will be able to fit three times more clothes than if you are simply hanging them.

Get rid of paperwork
Nowadays, pretty much every paper can be found online. Your paperwork drawer needs to go. Of course, you will need to keep a few of them like your birth certificate or other important documents. Get a folder and place them inside it. Make copies of all other papers and keep them on a flash drive.

Do not buy more storage space
If you are about to get a new spice shelf or another fancy storage unit, do not. Organise your house first. You will be able to see exactly what you have, as well as how much space you already have (you may not even need anything more). If you want to replace a storage unit in your house, get rid of the old one first.

Store everything upright
If you store your clothes in a drawer standing upright, you can count how many items of the same colour you own. You will be able to see all items better and you will avoid messing them up once more. This will also keep you from unintentionally purchasing more of the same sort of clothing.

Start from scratch
If you want to organise your closet, you need to remove all your clothes first. If they are messed up, throw them on a big pile on the floor and fold each piece before putting it back.